​ A Hawaiian word meaning flowing water. The essence of Kukena is the freedom of enjoying things we love, from surfing with its Hawaiian origins to simply living naturally. ​

Founded by Kate Sparks, why did you set up the business?

After putting my dream of living a surfing lifestyle to one side for many years and working in corporate business roles in London to prepare for a sunny future it was time to reset the equilibrium. After moving to Cornwall I wanted to fully ingratiate myself into my new community by working with local surfers and artists to form a company that pulls together my passions for surfing, the sea and living naturally. Kukena is my outlet to channel my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in a way that truly represents my passions.

The core values of Kukena Naturals are to create unique candles using ethically sourced, high quality natural, sustainable ingredients for eclectic home décor lovers to allow them to enjoy beauty and serenity in their homes. 

Why Candles?

Candles set the scene to unwind like nothing else, I feel like once a candle is lit, its tools down and the moment to dedicate some serious time to looking after yourself. I’ve been making them for six years now and love how they give off a gentle, flickering and most of all, natural light. I make all the candles using 100% natural wax, which is good because as well as being natural it burns slowly without releasing any "soot" into the air. 


If you are interested in becoming a stockist with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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