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Updated: Mar 20

Our truly unique hand poured coconut candles make chilling out a top priority, with the tropical scent of coconut transporting you to sunnier climates.

Kukena Coconut Candle

The coconut bowls are 100% natural and have been slightly polished to give a smooth finish and bring out the grain of the shell.

Each coconut is then handcrafted by surfers in Cornwall with natural soy wax and a double cotton wick to give an even but slow burning candle. These candles will gently light your home for 40 plus hours with a delicate infusion of aromatic coconut, making sure to spread the aloha spirit of surfing and summer.

After the candle has finished, the biodegradable coconut shell makes a brilliantly versatile Hawaii style bowl. All you need to do is wash out any excess wax with warm water and soap the uses for your new bowl are endless.

Coconut smoothie bowl

The shells are free from any chemical finishes such as varnish and are durable enough to be used in the oven, freezer or dishwasher

Why not try making a beautiful smoothie bowl with all your favorite toppings? Or serve up some nibbles to friends in one when they pop over? The bowls are very light so could easily be popped in a picnic bag for serving snacks!

Find your Coconut Bowl Candle at our boutique.

Coconut Soy Candles

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