Our candles are now being created with a blend of both soy and rapeseed wax to enhance your scented candle experience and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our candles have always been made with all natural soy wax and it is still a key ingredient - soy wax is very dense with a high melting point, which makes for a slow burning, long-lasting candle.

Soy beans that the wax is derived from are not grown here in the UK, but in sunnier climates such across the United States.

Rapeseed fields however, are in abundance across the UK and Europe, the beautiful yellow crops we've driven past and admired are already used for to feed animals and protect cultivated soil. By using this locally grown crop to offset sole use of the soy bean we can reduce our carbon footprint, whilst in fact improving the quality of our candles.

The lower melting point of the rapeseed wax allows for a greater scent throw and the texture itself gives a smoother, more polished finish to the candle.

You can browse our range of hand-poured candles on our online store, where we have a growing range of scents available including our limited edition Cinnamon & Orange Winter Warmer Candle, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium and our best-selling Coconut Bowl Candle.

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