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Updated: Mar 20

surf art

When you have at last found your passion, what lights you up and perhaps even gives you little flutters of excitement even just thinking about surfing then you want to live it, breathe it and plaster it all over the walls of your home! Our exclusive selection of surf illustrations are designed to keep the stoke high!

surf illustration

'ORIGINAL KUKENA SURF GIRL' is our quintessential must have for any surf enthusiast. This piece exemplifies everything that we love about surfing - the joy of riding a wave on a sunny day, nature all around you and the wind in your hair. This print is available in A4 or A3 sizes.

Our illustrations are printed using high quality giclée printing.

wave art

'WAVE CANVAS' illustrates the cross section of a wave and in its details sheds light on how surfing is often described as an art as well as a sport - as the wave becomes a surfers canvas to carve lines up and down creating a unique artistic performance.

We use sustainable paper made from the natural fibres of the agave plant.

surf girl art

'MINIMALIST SURF GIRL' illustrates the stripped back, raw love of surfing. That no matter the weather, no matter your mood surfing always makes you feel better.

tropical florals

'TROPICAL FLORALS' was inspired by a trip to Oahu, Hawaii in winter 2017. On track down to pipeline, the islands infamous surf break is flanked either side with blooming hibiscus flowers, scenting the air around you.

Each piece is exclusively designed for Kukena Naturals by local artist Maia Walczak.

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